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Simple Steps to Starting Your Own Web Site Promotion Service

When you embark on an internet marketing venture, there is a lot
to learn about internet marketing and web site promotion
techniques. If you master the art and you find it interesting, it
may be logical, profitable and satisfying for you to start your
own web site promotion service. With a web site promotion
service, there is definitely a lot of competition because many
internet entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities have
followed the same line of thinking.

However, even with a great number of web site promotion services
in existence, web site promotion services is a service that can
be offered worldwide without geographic limitations. There are a
number of untapped niche markets for a web site promotion service
and you can still easily set yourself apart from your competition
and establish your business as an expert in a certain field when
offering your web site promotion service to a niche market.

With a web site promotion service, the world truly is your
playground. However, to target your marketing for effective
promotion of your web site promotion service, it is a good idea
to narrow the scope of your business by identifying a niche
market and relatively a specific target market. To identify a
niche market, market research is generally needed. The research
process begins with brainstorming followed by information
gathering and then analysis of the data obtained through your
research efforts.

Once this is complete, you will be able to make an informed
decision in regard to the market you will target and you can
gather specific information about your narrowly defined target
market and its characteristics. You can then identify or devise
your competitive advantage and your unique selling proposition,
write your business and marketing plans, prepare your sales copy,
and begin marketing your web site promotion service.

Following is an explanation of simple steps to starting your own
web site promotion service:

1. Brainstorm

When you brainstorm, try to think of specific markets you may
target with your web site promotion service. Consider your past
experiences and your interests. For instance, if you have
background experience in equipment sales, you may want to target
online equipment companies as users of your web site promotion
service. If your background is in real estate, maybe real estate
agents or real estate developers would benefit from your industry
expertise and web site promotion services. If you don’t want to
choose a niche market based on your past experiences, strive to
generate ideas industries that interest you.

2. Gather information

Using the industries or niches that you are interested in
marketing your web site promotion services to, gather information
about the industry, competitors who are marketing to the
potential target markets and the characteristics of the potential
target markets.

3. Analyze data

Analyze the information you have collected for the potential
target markets for your web site promotion service.

4. Choose a target market

Choose the target market for your web site promotion service
based on your interests, the characteristics of the market, and
the competition.

5. Conduct market research

Conduct more market research to find out more specific
information about your target market, your competition, and the
feasibility of keywords to be used in marketing your web
promotion service. You may want to research more than one market
to determine which one is the least saturated.

6. Identify your competitive advantage and develop a unique
selling proposition

Using the information gleaned from your market research identify
your competitive advantage and develop a unique selling
proposition that will make your web site promotion service stand
out from the crowd.

7. Write your business and marketing plans

Carefully craft a business plan and marketing plans taking into
consideration the target market, your unique selling proposition,
marketing mediums, marketing strategies, and budgetary

8. Prepare your sales copy

Prepare first-rate sales copy that will convert browsers to
buyers of your web promotion service offerings.

9. Market your web site promotion service

Market your web site promotion service consistently in accordance
with your marketing plan.

10. Continually monitor and improve your web site promotion

Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and performance for
your web site promotion service. Be proactive and make changes to
your business and marketing plan as needed in order to meet your
projected income and grow your business.

Site Promotion to the Max

Site promotion is absolutely critical in creating a successful online presence. Without site promotion consider your personal web site or your ecommerce business dead in the water. If you are planning on building a new web site or have a poor performing web site it is extremely important to promote it properly in order to boost visitors and profits. Here are some tips on using site promotion to its fullest.

Site promotion may sound easy in theory but can be much more difficult when applying it to the ecommerce arena. Many people have wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars advertising their products to the wrong audience or wasting money on promotion tools that show little return on investment. If you are serious about site promotion it is important to do some research and choose the various types of site promotion that will work for your web site.

Many web developers have grand expectations, they figure that if they build a great web site filled with lots of information and great products, thousands of web visitors will land on their web site automatically. This is absolutely not true! The old saying, “build it and they will come” does not apply to the internet. There are thousands, possibly millions of web sites that are very good quality but get very few visitors each month. If you want to succeed then site promotion is key.

Most people choose the following types of site promotion; paid advertising, reciprocal link exchange, viral marketing, opt in email specials and newsletters, and forum and blog posting.

Most people look to paid advertising as their first source of site promotion. While paid advertising can sharply increase web visitors, it can cost a tremendous amount of money for small budget web sites and your visitors will stop visiting your site once your advertisements stop. However, Google AdWords has made site promotion through paid advertising extremely attractive for small budgeted web developers. Google AdWords allows web developers to spend as low as $.05 per visitor to their web site. For many people this is a great way to attract attention to their web site and products, but for competitive markets, the cost of a visitor can be much more expensive, sometimes $1 – $15 each.

If Google AdWords is not a perfect fit for your site or product, there are plenty of successful web sites that will sell you advertising space on their web site. If you have a niche product that requires a niche audience, pick a web site that can deliver that audience and promote your site by paying for ad space.

Link exchanges are also great for site promotion. Link exchanges work by swapping a link which is your URL in hyper text. Many link exchanges also include with your URL a short synopsis of information about your web site. You can swap your web site links with hundreds or even thousands of different web sites fast and easily. By having your link and short synopsis, you can greatly increase your site promotion and be in front of thousands of eyeballs each month.

Besides reciprocal links you can also increase your site promotion through viral marketing. Viral marketing is a great concept for site promotion. In fact, there are two easy ways to create a viral marketing program for site promotion. Most people create articles that include their link and web site information and then make these articles available for free distribution. There are hundreds of article distribution sites that many web developers use for free content. These web developers that need fresh and original content for their web sites download your article along with the your link and web site information and place it on their web site. With your article distributed to many article distribution sites and downloaded and placed on many web sites, you can increase your exposure 1,000% in a short amount of time.

If articles are not your forte, you can choose to give away a computer code or any item that can posted on other web sites that will bring you a free advertisement and true viral marketing site promotion.

Opt in email is also a great idea for site promotion. If you are paying a lot of money and putting in lots of time to get visitors to your web site, once visitors show up, don’t let them slip away so easily. Many web developers request their visitors email addresses so that they can offer them more information about the topics that their visitors are interested in. If you are creating a web site, include a place where your visitors can freely sign up to receive a free weekly or monthly newsletter, a free trial of a product or service that you are offering or notification of specials or coupons for products. Opt in email is great for web developers. A web developer can easily create a long list of emails from visitors that are interested in the web site, products and services that the web developer offers.

Another great idea for site promotion is to post important information about your web site, products or services on web forums and blogs. There are tons of forums that attract many viewers. For instance, if you have a web site that sells gold coins, look for a coin collecting forum or coin collecting blog and post relevant information about the forum topic or blog topic along with your link back to your web site. You will be surprised at how many people will visit your site and check out your products. However, make sure that your information is relevant and not just a link. Many people don’t mind you linking to your web site as long as you provide valuable and relevant information.

Web Site Promotion Services

Promotion is among the four major divisions of marketing. It includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity, which all aim to increase sales, create brand equity and corporate image, compete with other products, or introduce a new product.

Marketing on the other hand, is a more general concept referring to the process of facilitating a “sale” of goods and services. Other divisions of marketing are product management, pricing and product distribution.

Today, as the use of the Internet gets so popular, businessmen are geared towards online marketing, which is essentially the process of achieving marketing objectives via the Internet. It includes Web site advertising as one of the many promotional strategies.

For most businesses, Web site advertising is the most efficient promotional method and their easiest gateway to the international market. Compared to conventional ways of advertising, it is proven to be more effective and less costly, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

In 2005, analysts say that online advertisement spending in the United States increased by twenty percent. They say that even a burgeoning company can spend more than $10 billion for online advertising at the outset of the business. The rising number of consumers with high-speed Internet connection contributed a lot to this phenomenon.

If you are planning to advertise through a Web site, employing the help of professional Web site promotion service providers is one of the wisest things you can do to ensure growth of your business and increase in sales. These service providers are experts in the field of Web site advertising and can dedicatedly plan, execute and monitor progress of promotional strategies for your site.

There are actually two basic categories of Web site promotion services: paid and free. It doesn’t follow that paid advertising is more beneficial as any free Web site advertising can be just as effective as paid. What is important is that each is able to generate more traffic to your site.